e24 Transcription is changing to Transcription Hub

We will be changing our domain name from www.e24tech.com to www.transcriptionhub.com to better represent our business, which is transcription services over the cloud (Internet, Hub etc.)

The story so far:

e24 Transcription was started about five years ago. Our aim was to provide our customer with value for money & high quality transcription service by leveraging our Web based store www.e24tech.com and worldwide transcribing workforce. The portal is designed to be a self service style for customers’ ease of use.

In the five years, we have successfully served more than 1000+ customers worldwide and transcribed and delivered 100,000+ minutes of Audio/Video recordings.

Why Transcription HUB?

We are changing our name to better represent our business, which is Transcription Service over the cloud (Internet, Hub etc.). We have also heard from our customers that it is hard for them to remember our domain name (www.e24tech.com), and hence the new name Transcription HUB.

Stay tuned for more updates from us on Transcription HUB.

5 Reasons to Transcribe Your Podcast

Following are the top 5 Reasons to Transcribe your podcast and Monetize from them

1. Make your Podcast Transcripts available for SALE

2. Make your podcast search engine (Google/Yahoo/Live) friendly and be more visible on the web by transcribing your podcasts.

3. Cover broader audience by breaking the accent barrier, put it in text so anyone on the web from any part of the world can read them.

4. Not everyone can listen/hear (hearing impaired) your podcast, transcribe your podcast and make it available to those who much deserve.

5. Use formatted transcripts embedded with banner links and other marketing materials for advertising and monetize your podcasts.

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Transcription Work Flow Using Google Docs

Google has revolutionized the working methodologies in offices. Working in a PC, and saving it in the hard-disk may become an older perception hereafter. Google now has initiated a total internet based work culture. We can now work in a word document, an excel spread-sheet or which ever office tools not in our PC, but in the internet. This is an excellent internet based package where we can work with our document, edit it, share it with others, and it also makes our document accessible all over the world. Incredible, right!!!

Taking the accessibility, quality, and the maneuverability of this office tool, e24 Transcription has adopted this working methodology to further hone it’s job deliverability. As transcription is one of the wings of e24, this tool helps pretty well while transcribing the documents, share it with other departments of the transcription, and upload it. It makes the execution process of transcription really easy and efficient. e24 Transcription follows three-step-quality process as we already discussed in our blog . Google doc is really helping us to increase our productivity in our work flow between the Transcribers, Proofers and Editors by effectively share/collaborate the work between these teams.

The interesting concept is we can chat with each other when we are in same document. This makes much more easy way of communicating with each other when couples of person working in the same transcript. We don’t need to worry whether the document is saved in our server, even though we have high-end server to save. Google doc will save every 45sec of our edited one in document and it can be accessible world wide.

 Once the transcript is edited, it is then shipped to our customers via Google doc. Our customers are really happy to use this work flow because they could access their transcribed material from any part of the world. They could also collaborate with their co-workers, friends & dear ones and edit the transcript if required. They can also save their files in a humpty number of formats like DOC, XLS, CSV, ODS, ODF, PDF, RTF and HTML as they prefer. For inquires or comments please email us at transcription@e24tech.com

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Business Transcription

Business Transcription can be defined as the service of converting audio files into verbatim transcripts for companies across industries ie., for all types of businesses. Every company, which is being registered with stock market (NASDAQ, NYSE etc..) has to comply by the condition of conducting every quarterly meetings on their business, hence updating their level and performance of business to their investors, and the people involved in their business. While this meeting takes place, the meeting co-ordinator captures the meeting, records it as an audio file, and sends it for transcribing it. The transcriber in turn listens to the audio file, transcribes it and sends it back to the client as a text format. This is called as Business Transcription.

The seminars are usually recorded in the Standard/micro cassettes, audio files, (wav, vox, dss, mp3) Internet, VHS or DAT. All audio is enhanced through analog and digital equipment.

Business Transcription covers almost all fields, right from health care, insurance, airlines to automobiles. It is basically to transcribe conference calls, meetings, seminars and analyst calls. It also stretches its wings to areas like sales meeting, budget planning session and other business conversations. It is about transcribing conference calls with maximum accuracy and high security for confidential contents.

Business Transcription can be divided into different segments:

  • Business Transcription Services for business groups
  • Business Transcriptions for Speakers/Moderators
  • Business Transcriptions of Teleconferences
  • Business Transcription Services for Books/Manuscripts
  • Business Transcription for Medicines and Insurance groups.

Normally the business transcript is kept stored in the transcribing company’s server for twelve months in need of any immediate assistance to their respective clients.

At e24, we help several businesses to transcribe their audio/video content to text. Please email us at transcription@e24tech.com for any questions or comments.

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Transcription Statistics

Anyone can easily define transcription, transcription is a process of listening to an audio file, and typing it verbatim, and converting into a text format. Does it sound simple..huh?

An average person talks about 140 words per minute. Thank God, what a rate of speech!! Each word in English contains an average of 4.5 letters per word ie., 140*4.5=630 characters, and as per calculation 170 characters will accommodate as punctuations for this count of 630. Summing it up, a person speaks to 800 [630+170] characters approximately, which should be exactly converted into text form by the transcribers.

And an average transcriber types 60 words approximately per minute. When calculated, 270 characters[60*4.5], approximate punctuations will count to 70 characters, which will come to 340[270+70] characters typed per minute.

On the ratio point of view, it is 800 characters speech : 340 characters of typing. While thinking on it, it comes to 2.35 times of typing for every character that is spoken ie., it takes 2.35 times of typing ability of a transcriber for 1 character that is being spoken out, further breaking it down, it is 2.35 minutes of transcribing for 1 minute of talking. This is the criterion, which is being taken into consideration for fixing up the Turn Around Time for every audio file that is to be transcribed.

We are a professional transcription service company who understands the above math and provide tailored affordable quality transcription service to the podcasters. For inquires or comments please email us at transcription@e24tech.com

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History and Transcription

In short, history is the record and the documentation of the past events. It is highly imperative for the present, and the future generations to have knowledge about the past, refer it and learn from it. Do you think maintaining a written record in this sense is valuable?

In the same context, do you think transcribing your audio file will serve the present and future generation as a history? Yes it does. Transcription records the event in a text format, any type of event right from formal corporate meeting to casual chit-chats, from Doctor’s dictation to court proceedings, PodCasts, SkypeCasts etc, and this becomes a record, and also a history-a reference material for future generations.

Read this news Thieves lead the way to dentists’ tombs, this news is about the dentists who were serving the Egyptian kings some 4000 years back. There would have been many dentists, who would have been serving the kings, and pharaohs in Egypt, but currently after 4000 years we come to know about only three dentists namely, Iy Mry-chief dentist, Kem Msw, and Sekhem Ka. This is because the archaeologists only saw these three names inscribed on the tomb.

The only field that serves wholly for the purpose of record maintenance is transcription. Transcription is a mile stone in this Information Technology era that works exclusively for capturing of events, and maintaining it as a record. Transcription overcome the language, boundary, and accent barriers by converting all audio information in to text format, hence making it friendly to people across the world to access, and refer any type of information, and maintain it as a record.

For inquires / comments please email us at transcription@e24tech.com

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Why SkypeCasts Transcription?

We all know what is Skype, do we? Here is the Wiki on Skype, Skype (IPA pronunciation: [skɑɪp], i.e. “skype”, rhymes with type) is a proprietary peer-to-peer Internet telephony (VoIP) network founded by the entrepreneurs Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, also founders of the file sharing application Kazaa.

There have been various features and solutions provided in the past by Skype on VoIP, one such recent feature add-on in Skype 2.5 excites us as a transcription service provider. This feature is nothing but the SkypeCasts.

So what is SkypeCasts? SkypeCasts is a new way to have conversations with people across the world who share your interests. Skypecasts are live, moderated conversations allowing groups of up to 100 people from anywhere in the world to talk to one another.

To us SkypeCasts is similar to PodCast, and for that reason if you are using SkypeCasts then you would also want your show / cast accessible by a broader set of audience, see our blog post on Why PodCast Transcription?

Here are some of the reasons why SkypeCasters should also consider transcribing their audio show:

1. Since SkypeCasts are audio formatted they are not easily indexed and searchable by search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc…)

2. Publishing the SkypeCasts in the internet means it is targeted towards the global audience; your global audience can be in China, India, Australia, USA or elsewhere. Having the SkypeCasts Transcribed reduces the “Accent barrier” for your global audience.

3. Not to mention your audience who have some kind of hearing problem and hence don’t get the opportunity to hear your SkypeCasts. This is number can significant.

For questions / comments please email us at transcription@e24tech.com

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Tips for Quailty Group Discussion / Focus Group Recording

· Choose a calm and comfortable location.

· Select appropriate microphone.

· Turn off voice activation.

· If you want the participants to be identified throughout the transcript get them to say a little about themselves first, before starting the discussions. That little bit of extra time at the beginning of your session will enhance the opportunity for the transcriber to accurately reflect who said what and when.

· If you think people are quiet or difficult to hear, the transcriber will also certainly notice that, so tell them politely at the beginning to speak up a little for recording purposes.

· Thanking the person by name after he/she has spoken is always a good idea in case they mentioned their name quickly.

· Try and have drinks available during the break times. Cups and crockery may add disturbance to audio.

· Request all participants to turn off their mobile phones. Phones set to vibrate or silent mode will still cause signals to be picked up by speakers/microphones.

· Have a mock run of your roundtable / conference call in the chosen room to check on recording levels, placement of the microphone and background noise. Listen to the recording through headphones and make sure it is getting recorded right.

· Wherever possible supply the transcriber with a list of participants and any technical terms referred to throughout the meeting.

For questions /comments email us at transcription@e24tech.com

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Accent barrier for PodCasters

Accent or Pronunciation can impact your audience who listens to your PodCast.

I think accent problem pertains to any particular language, for an instance Chinese people in Beijing and Taiwan speaks with a different accent/dialect, each may not understand the other properly which may lead to a great deal of communication/relationship gap with your prospects/customers.

PodCasters like SecurityNow have realized the need for the transcript along with their audio PodCast which gives them the opportunity to reach the broader audience by reduce the accent/dialect barrier in voice only PodCast. This also gives the PodCasters a true globalization image…

Millions of people speak English, but they don’t all speak the same English. English pronunciation is much different in different parts of the world; the key to different accents is based on tongue twisting like what is mentioned here

Understanding the accent and transcribing the audio file is a core skill of an intelligent human transcriber who can reveal pronunciation, rhyming, sound discrimination, phonemic, consonant, vowel etc.

For questions/comments please email us at transcription@e24tech.com

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Legal PodCast Transcription

Almost every incident that takes place in the court requires a written documentation. This information is recorded in the courtroom and documented. There are several types of legal dictations like testimonies, pleadings, interrogatories, final judgments, arguments, several appeals, hearings etc. Legal transcription is an essential service for any legal activities in the court that has to be made available in hardcopy which can be distributed for many clients as well as for law practitioners.

Legal transcription services are truly beneficial to attorneys, law offices and to consumers. More and more attorneys are PodCasting their shows online and in contrast PodCast legal transcription is becoming more popular. You can listen to some great legal / law PodCast here. And Law is great site for information on legal related blogs.

Read our previous blog Why PodCast Transcription? for more information on PodCast Transcription advantages.

The transcript can be very strong assistance in drafting and filing legal documents, and tracking important deadlines, assisting attorneys to prepare for trials, documenting relevant facts and information pertaining to a lawsuit. Even legal hearings are sent to the client’s representative along with the recorded dictation and transcript which will be excellent service for consumer who cannot attend the court session.

We specialize in providing legal transcriptions services, email us for more details transcription@e24tech.com

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